The Newport HT70® Ventilator combines ease of use, clinical finesse, exceptional portability, and ruggedness in one compact package.

Designed for patients ≥ 5kg to adult, the HT70 is ideal for home care, transport, hospital, longterm care, and emergency preparedness applications for invasive or noninvasive ventilation. The full color touch screen is easy to navigate and offers specific screens for homecare, transport and hospital applications, default or customizable presets, Alarm Quickset and Help functions.

Developed and manufactured entirely by Newport Medical in California, USA, the compact HT70 features a newly designed, patented, micro-piston technology that eliminates the need for external compressed gas. The hot swappable integrated battery system provides up to 10 hours of operation at standard settings and can be fully recharged in only 3 hours. For a long transport, a full day at the park or in case of a power emergency , the HT70 allows for virtually continuous operation.

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Patient Range

Infant/Pediatric (≥5 kg) - Adult



Modes (Pressure or Volume)






NIV (non-invasive ventilation)

available in all modes

VT (Tidal Volume)

50 to 2,200 mL

RR (Respiratory Rate)

1 to 99 b /min

i Time (Inspiratory Time)

0.1 to 3.0 sec


0 to 30 cmH2O/0 to 30 mbar

PS (Pressure Support)

0 to 60 cmH2O/0 to 60 mbar *


6 to 100 L/min

I:E Ratio

1:99 to 3:1

PC (Pressure Control)

5 to 60 cmH2O/5 to 60 mbar

Ptrig (Sensitivity)

-9.9 to 0 cmH2O/-9.9 to 0 mbar

Manual Inflation

3 sec maximum

F I O 2 (Optional) +

.21 to 1.00

Bias Flow

7 L/min with PEEP

3 to 30 L/min (when NIV is On)

PS Max i time

0.1 to 3.0 sec

PS % Exp. Threshold

5 to 55%

Slope Rise

1 to 10

Flow Wave Pattern

square or descending

Auto Lock function


Language Selection

multiple language options

Remote Alarm

Normally Open or Closed

*PEEP + PS cannot exceed 60 cmH2O/mbar

Monitored Parameters


Paw (Peak, Mean, Base)

VT I (insp. tidal volume)

MV I (insp. minute volume)

Peak Insp. Flow

Integrated Battery Pack

RR tot (total respiratory rate)

Back up internal battery

I:E Ratio

F I O 2 +




High Airway Pressure

Low Airway Pressure

High Baseline Pressure

Low Baseline Pressure

High Resp. Rate

Back-up Ventilation Alert

High Insp. Minute Volume

Low Insp. Minute Volume



High F I O 2 +

Low F I O 2 +

Device Alert

Low Battery


+ Only available with optional O2 Sensor installed

Specialty Screens
Events Record up to 1,000 events with Parameter settings
Trends Displays trend graphs for last 72 hours
Help Touch any button for a tutorial of that feature
Domains Basic, transport and hospital
Export Data Capture/download events & trends  
Patient Presets Customized or Default
Customized Back Up Ventilation Link with Apnea and/or Low MV and customize settings


Long-term care
  • Small Footprint
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • Central Monitoring Capable
  • Multiple Connectivity Options

Home Care

  • Simplified full color touch screens
  • On-screen Help Function
  • Safe and Effective Alarms
  • Hot Swappable Battery with Fast Recharge


  • Exceptional Clinical Capability
  • Invasive or Non-invasive Use
  • Customizable Patient Presets
  • Event log and Trend screens

Emergency Preparedness

  • Fast Setup with Presets
  • Rugged Construction
  • Quickset Alarm Function
  • Up to 10 Hours on Integrated Battery


  • Oxygen Efficient
  • Air Transport Rated
  • Built-in Oxygen Monitor with Alarms (optional)

Newport HT70® Ventilator Parts and Accessories Catalog

Disposable Breathing Circuits

Part Number Description Photo
BCD43811P Newport “J” Circuit 6 ft/ 1.8 m disposable 22 mm J circuit with water trap, two temperature probe ports plus proximal and exhalation valve lines. Includes 2 ft/ 0.6 m humidifier tubing with extra pressure tee for dry pressure monitoring. (10/case) Photo not available
BCD43801P-C Disposable 22 mm J-circuit w/o water trap (10/case) Photo not available
BCD23811P-C Disposable 15 mm J-circuit for pediatrics, w/ water trap (15/case) Photo not available
BCD40801P Disposable abbreviated 22 mm circuit, must add a heated inspiratory limb (20/case) BCD40801P
RT114 Disposable heated inspiratory limb (10/case) RT114

Reusable Breathing Circuits

Part Number Description Photo
EXH3203P Reusable exhalation valve EXH3203P
HT600050* Reusable15 mm single limb circuit w/ water trap * must add exhalation valve Photo not available
HT600051* Reusable 15 mm single limb circuit w/o water trap * must add exhalation valve Photo not available
HT600048* Reusable 22 mm single limb circuit w/water trap
* must add exhalation valve
HT600049* Reusable 22 mm single limb circuit w/o water trap * must add exhalation valve HT600049

Newport HT70 Ventilator Miscellaneous Accessories

Part Number Description Photo
CRT3215A HT70 Quick Release Cart - 1.5 pole assembly with flex arm breathing circuit holder, quick release mounting plate, power adapter holder and cord wrap Note: Can be used with serial number N10HT701011000 and above CRT3215A
MNT3208A Single E-Cylinder Mount (Must use with CRT3215A) No Photo Available
MNT3209A Dual E-Cylinder Mount (Must use with CRT3215A) MNT3209A
ADP3203P D.C. Auto lighter power adapter (11 - 16 V) with pinch release No Photo Available
BAT3271A Power Pac Battery w/ LED indicator BAT3271A



A.C. Power Supply, Pinch Release
* must order country specific power cord

NA - North American power cord

EU – European power cord

UK – British power cord
HT460300 Air intake filter - disposable (5/pack) HT460300
HT6004701 Proximal inline filters - disposable (5/pack) HT6004701
FLT3302P-C Bacteria filter, disposable (40/case) FLT3302P-C
RSV3215A Low flow oxygen resevoir RSV3215A
MXL70A-GR-DS Lightweight Air/ Oxygen Entrainment Mixer, DISS Fitting MXL70A-GR-DS
MXL70A-WH-BR Lightweight Air/ Oxygen Entrainment Mixer, British Fitting No Photo Available
MXL70A-WH-FR Lightweight Air/ Oxygen Entrainment Mixer, French Fitting No Photo Available
MXL70A-GR-JP Lightweight Air/ Oxygen Entrainment Mixer, Japanese Fitting No Photo Available
MXL70A-WH-PL Lightweight Air/ Oxygen Entrainment Mixer, AGA Fitting No Photo Available
CBL3223A HT70 nurse call cable CBL3223A
NP130-22 Proximal pressure adapter tee with cap NP130-22
BSK050P Utility basket kit for cart BSK050P
BAG3270M HT70 Cruiser convertible bag, blue fabric BAG3270M
BAG3271M HT70 Cruiser convertible bag, yellow fabric BAG3271M
FVC-2005-HT70 HT70 Carrier for Wheelchair/Bed Rail With O2 Device Enclosure and Rail System FVC-2005-HT70
FVC-2004-HT70 HT70 Carrier for wheelchair/bed rail with 4 swing away handles FVC-2004-HT70
FVC-2003-HT70 HT70 Carrier for wheelchair/bed rail with 2 swing away handles FVC-2003-HT70
FVC-2002-HT70 HT70 Carrier for wheelchair/bed rail with 2 fixed handles FVC-2002-HT70
G-118000-0 Silicone Neonatal Test Lung G-118000-0
LNG500A Adult test lung (500 mL), bag style with restrictor LNG500A
LNG600P Adult test lung (500 mL), bag style LNG600P
LNG800P Adult test lung (1 L) with built-in restrictor, white enclosure LNG800P

Air Travel with the HT70

Please review the following documents for important information regarding the HT70 Ventilator. If you have any questions please contact us directly at 800.451.3111 ext. 282 (US only) or +1.714.427.5811 ext. 282 or email:


HT70 Quick and Easy In-service

The HT70 Quick and Easy In-service is a step-by-step guide on how to use the HT70 ventilator. It is a five-part in-service video with navigation that allows you to select any part you want to review any time.

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